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solar y branch connectors

Solar Connectors Y Branch Parallel Adapter Cable(2 Pairs: 1 male to 2 female and 1 female to 2 male)

Main Technical Specification: -Rated Current:20A -Rated Voltage: DC1000V

The waterproof ring on connection is perfect to seal out water and dust to prevent corrosion

Suitable Single Core Cable Section: 1.5mm² -- 6mm²

Quick & simple assembly processing and simple removal of plugs without the aid of any extra instrument

solar y branch connectors are IP67 Waterproof
solar y branch connectors are PPO Insulation Material
solar y branch connectors are Compatible with10/11/12/13/14 AWG
Suitable Single Core Cable

Insulation Material: PPO
Rated Current: 20A(4mm²)
Rated Voltage: DC1000V
Contact Resistance: ≤5mΩ
Insulation Resistance: >500mΩ
Operating Temperature range: -40℃ until+90℃
Degree of Protection: IP67
Flame Class: UL94-V0
Safety Degree: Ⅱ Suitable Single Core Cable Section: 1.5mm² -- 6mm² ( include AWG14, AWG13,AWG12, AWG11,AWG10 )

Package included
2 Pair of Y Branch Solar Panel Cable Connectors

Application of solar Y-branch connector


SKU ISE002-B021
Rated Current 20A(4mm²) Rated Voltage DC1000V
Contact Resistance ≤5mΩ Insulation Resistance >500mΩ
Operating Temperature range -40℃ until+90℃ Degree of Protection IP67
Flame Class UL94-V0 Safety Degree
Suitable Single Core Cable Section 1.5mm² -- 6mm² ( include AWG14, AWG13,AWG12, AWG11,AWG10 )

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