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Bouge RV Yuma 100W CIGS Thin-film Flexible Solar Panel

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The cigs flexible solar panel is built for outdoor living, especially for RVers and boat users. They can suit the surface the normal rigid solar panel can't. And you can have peace of mind about its working efficiency. Take a 100w flexible solar panel and not be afraid of extreme weather and support your brave journey.


CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) is a thin-film solar cell technology that improves our solar panels' durability, light sensitivity, and lifetime. The 100 Watt Thin-Film solar panel has a higher absorption coefficient and is significantly thinner, resulting in remarkable flexibility. It can be used effectively on uneven surfaces, such as the roofs of RVs, boats, or at any camping site.

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CIGS Flexible solar panel vs. other solar panels 

Introducing the "Next Generation" solar panel, featuring a significant shift in design and functionality. Its true 360-degree flexibility allows for installation on any surface, making it lightweight yet durable. This panel has improved efficiency and higher output even in shaded areas.


Designed to fit a variety of roof shapes, the solar panel hugs the surface for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics.

Streamlined Design 

Our designer spent six months testing our new panel to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing and can be fitted to multiple surfaces.

High Flexibility

The 100W Thin-Film Solar Panel is highly flexible and can be rolled up for easy storage and transport. It can even be bent and adjusted to fit curved surfaces without cracking.

Lightweight & Thin 

Flexible solar panels don't require additional mounting or frames made of aluminum, which helps improve aerodynamics and aesthetics. 

Perform Better in Low-light

The 100 Watt CIGS thin-film solar panel has been proven to be more efficient in low-light conditions, producing 38% more power than conventional monocrystalline panels over the course of an 8-hour cloudy day.


The thin-film flexible solar panel is highly durable and can withstand any impacts that may occur during installation and transportation. In the event of partial damage, the panel will still be able to function. 

Easy Installation

The BougeRV CIGS thin-film solar panel has a pre-assembled adhesive backing that eliminates the need for brackets and drilling for installation. No additional tools are required.

Multipurpose Use 

This new panel is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from RVs and trucks to boats, tents, and roofs. It is also lightweight enough to be rolled up and used as a portable solar panel.


CIGS Flexible Solar Panel vs General Solar Panel vs General Flexible Solar Panel

CIGS Flexible Solar Panel General Solar Panel General Flexible Solar Panel
Core Material CIGS Monocrystalline Silicon Monocrystalline Silicon
Bendability Excellent bendability Unbendable Low bendability
Weight Lightweight Heavy Heavier
Fragility Hardly damaged Easily damaged Easily damaged
Solar Cell Efficiency Higher Conversion Efficiency Higher Conversion Efficiency Lower Conversion Efficiency
Weak-light Output Higher Output Low Output Low Output
Ease of installation Installed Easily Not Easy Not Easy
Structrual Design Bend 360° to fit any surface Requires bracket, cannot be bent Low-angle bending to fit part of the surface
Waterproof Level IP68 IP67 IP67
Usage Scenarios 360° fit on any surface Flat surface, need to support the top upright on the surface to use Flat surface or slightly curved surface


Max Power (Pmax) 100±5%W Operating Temperature Limits -40℉ ~ +185℉
Solar Cells Efficiency 16% Series Fuse Rating 10A
Max. Power Voltage Vmp (V) 25±5%V Temperature Coefficient Pmax -0.38%/℃
Max. Power Current Imp (A) 4.01±5%A  Temperature Coefficient Voc -0.28%/℃
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 31.5±5%V Temperature Coefficient Isc -0.008%/℃
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 4.32±5%A Dimensions 14.6*86.2*0.06 inches
Max. System Voltage 1000V DC Weight 3.75 lbs
Warranty Description 18-month limited warranty Product Type Solar Panel

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